Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Below is an article from Agape Press on how students are "resisting leftist bias" on campus. But even conservatives should be disturbed by their methods: to ban "ideological discrimination" on campus. By such a rule, the College Republicans could be prohibited from preferring conservatives as president of the group rather than liberals. Of course, ideological discrimination should be prohibited in certain circumstances. But to equate it with other forms of discrimination is a dangerous step. What happens when the Holocaust denier claims "ideological discrimination" for getting a bad grade in history class? What happens when the creationist demands an A in biology for rejecting the facts of evolution?

Hopeful Trend: Students Resisting Leftist Bias on U.S. Campuses
By Jim Brown
August 25, 2003
(AgapePress) - A conservative professor says he's encouraged by a new trend on liberal university campuses: more students refusing to be intimidated or coerced by administrators.
Dr. Mike Adams says in the past decade, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington has "crept out" toward the extreme end of the left wing. But he says the school now has a new chancellor and has experienced a massive turnover in the administration.
Those are just a few reasons why Adams is more optimistic about the academic climate conservatives will face this year at UNC and on other college campuses across the United States. He also says students are beginning to realize that liberal bias has restricted academic freedom on many college campuses, resulting in a lack of ideological diversity.
"I think as a result you're starting to see students and other organizations begin to stand up against this left-wing intolerance," Adams says.
For instance, a conservative student group at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has asked the school's chancellor to consider including political affiliation and ideology in the university's official non-discrimination policy.
Adams says there may be some statutory problems with such inclusion, but he applauds the students for confronting phony commitments to diversity on campus and demanding that students with conservative views be treated like everyone else.
"The general idea of what these students are trying to do is a very good idea. They're standing up and telling the authorities 'We realize you're pulling the wool over our eyes with this whole diversity mission, and we're asking you simply to give our ideas equal treatment," he says.
The UNC-Chapel Hill students are also asking the university to apply its standards of diversity to recruiting more conservative professors.
Adams says he is hopeful that more conservative students will have the courage to speak out when their views are censored by university officials.

John Wilson, collegefreedom.org

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