Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Crime of Sitting While Muslim

I usually prefer to reserve my criticism for David Horowitz for actions he takes or factual errors I think he makes about higher education, not his offhand comments on national issues. But his latest blog entry is so crazy I can't actually believe that Horowitz wrote it: "My thoughts on the Imams on the airplane problem: What they did is no different than if they had a brandished a gun. Only worse -- because a gun doesn't mean the incineration of everyone on board, while taking the 9/11 seat formation does. They should be put in jail for a long, long time."

The worst complaints on about the imams were that they prayed in the airport, made anti-American comments on the plane, and asked for seat beat extensions.
I can't fathom why they were kicked off the plane. To say that they should be put in prison for a long time for the crime of "sitting while Muslim" is just plain loony.

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