Monday, December 11, 2006

Pace Protest

A number of students were arrested last month at Pace University for protests in front of the university. Pace has been the scene of earlier controversies, including this one in March. Here's the latest press release:

Pace University faculty from both the New York and Westchester campuses
will assemble at 1 Pace Plaza in Lower Manhattan Monday afternoon at 12:30
PM to express their views regarding the recent arrests of five individuals
on the Pace University campus.

Three Pace students and two local activists were arrested on November 15,
2006 for assembling in front of the university and calling for the
resignation of the institution's president, Dr. David Caputo. While students
were peacefully assembled, Pace officials authorized the NYPD to conduct
arrests on university grounds. Two students were held overnight and another
was let go the evening of the arrest. They face court proceedings later this

Faculty governing bodies on both the Pleasantville and New York City
campuses condemned the arrests at their most recent meetings and demanded
that the university drop disciplinary and criminal actions against affected
students. They also urged the university not to serve as a complainant in
criminal proceedings against the students.

Faculty members attending the event have written letters urging President
David Caputo, Vice President of Student Affairs Darnita Killian and Dean for
Students Marijo O' Grady to drop campus disciplinary proceedings against the
students, and these materials will be delivered to President Caputo's office
immediately after the 12:20 event.

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