Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Banning Political "Bias"

The latest version of David Horowitz's Academic Bill of Rights legislation in Montana is a nightmare of bureaucracy. It asks the state board of higher education to force colleges to create an annual report on "intellectual diversity" and hire an ombudsman for intellectual diversity. It requires hearings to be held on the topic. And lots of other bureaucratic paperwork designed to intimidate campuses into favoring the conservative line. One of the worst provisions is this: "establish clear campus policies to prohibit political bias in student-funded organizations." Of course, student organizations should have a political bias, if that's what the students want. Should the College Republican club be banned for having a political bias? Of course not. But the campaign to eradicate politics from college campuses apparently has no limits.

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John K. Wilson said...

Horowitz tells me that he had nothing to do with the Montana legislation and does not endorse it. The legislation apparently came from ACTA (, although it was obviously inspired by Horowit.