Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Idiots in College

Professional moron Charles Murray has written a particularly extraordinary piece of idiocy in the Wall Street Journal, which welcomes any kind of stupidity that promotes elitism, no matter how insane. According to Murray, only 15% of the population should go to college, because "anything below an IQ of 110 is problematic." It's difficult to conceive how anyone could be this stupid. Murray apparently thinks that IQ is some kind of genetic ceiling that physically presents the accumulation of knowledge beyond a very limited point. Of course, high IQ is correlated with educational success, and people with higher IQs are more likely to take tests better and learn new information more quickly. But to claim that an average person is mentally incapable of college work is contradicted by decades of actual college work. The right-wing would like to crush the last oases of dissent in American colleges, and apparently their dream is to stop mass higher education as part of this mission. This truly may be the dumbest article about higher education ever written.

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