Sunday, January 07, 2007

Inaccuracy in Academia

Malcolm Kline, head of the right-wing Accuracy in Academia, denounces the MLA for “moving even further into the political thicket.” His evidence? A call for papers for a proposed session next year on (gasp!) “Children and Political Activism.” Of course, we all know that any discussion of the political content of literature should be banished from the MLA, even (and especially) if there actually is political content in literature. Kline also denounces the MLA for a resolution urging that preference should be given for unionized hotels in selecting future MLA conferences. According to Kline, “The MLA’s view of the Right to Work might put it at odds with the 90 percent of the workforce that is not unionized, and who, in turn, probably pay the salaries of most MLA members.” Do all non-union hotel workers really oppose efforts to support unionized hotels? Maybe they’re too afraid of losing their jobs if they try to start a union to worry about the MLA’s position.

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