Monday, April 16, 2007

Missouri's Biblical Bureaucracy

Missouri's house has passed an absolutely idiotic bill defending the view of Biblical inerrancy at colleges. Beyond the silliness of imposing Biblical inerrancy on higher education, the ACTA bill is an example of government bureaucracy in action. We do need more intellectual diversity on campus, including people of all viewpoints making their ideas known (I'll enjoy reading about how business schools are working to have more critics of capitalism). But compelling colleges to fill out a "report" is the worst possible way to do this. Perhaps ACTA thinks that we need colleges to hire more administrators to fill out more useless government reports, but I don't. Instead of trying to pass legislation imposing more wasteful bureaucracy, why doesn't ACYA raise money to bring more speakers to campuses and scholarships for students whose views they allege are underrepresented? Or would doing something useful be too difficult for ACTA?

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