Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on Finkelstein

Chicago Public Radio has a report about the case. The show 848 today aired an interview with Finkelstein.
Here's my notes from the conversation:
Norman Finkelstein, June 12, 2007, 848, WBEZ in Chicago:
“The university decided to deny me tenure. The only question was how to deny me tenure.”
Earlier, he had “humiliating conditions imposed on me” including a salary cut after getting a promotion.
He was “among the highest rated teachers in my department”
He published five books, with 46 foreign translations, “more than the entire liberal arts and sciences division at DePaul put together”, New York Times notable book
“a concerted effort being imposed on the university”
“denying our right to academic freedom and to speak on issues important to the American people.”
“The issue is academic freedom, and pressure which is being exerted from the outside to deny us the right to think and say what we think.”
Mehrene Larudee: She received unanimous support from her department, college level, and dean, and was the incoming chair of the department
“People were aghast to learn that she had been denied tenure.”
“The only plausible explanation is that Dr. Larudee was an active supporter of mine.”
“She showed true courage and true bravery by going out on a limb to support me.”
“DePaul University has now become a battleground...to defend academic freedom...and this hideous forty-year-old occupation."
“We as Americans have the right to speak out”
“We will not retreat one thousandth part of one inch.”
“It made an error in judgment.”
“At this moment, they are sitting in at the president’s office.

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