Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Horowitz's Distortions

David Horowitz's blog declared, "The Islamo-fascist website Indymedia.org is claiming that a British anti-Semite named Nick Griffin was part of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week at Michigan State, where he was sponsored by Young America's Foundation. Both of these claims are lies. There was no Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week event at Michigan State and Young America's Foundation did not sponsor Griffin."

This comment about the article is why Horowitz isn't trusted. It's true that the event was not part of Horowitz's official events, although it happened during that week. But Horowitz is wrong on the other point: Griffin's speech was unquestionably sponsored (see Oct. 27 press release) by the Michigan State University chapter of Young America's Foundation. The article in question did not blame YAF itself, just the chapter.

For someone who complains that his meaning of "Islamo-fascist" is misinterpreted, Horowitz sure likes to throw the term around wildly. Indymedia.org is not an "Islamo-fascist website." That's just silly. First, it's not Islamic. Second, it's not fascist. It's just a left-wing website, where anyone can post information. Exactly how is that Islamo-fascist?

UPDATE: A commenter points out that the MSU chapter is of Young Americans for Freedom, which is different than the Young America's Foundation. The original indymedia article got it right and never mentions the Young America's Foundation. It was Horowitz's (even worse) error mixing up the two which I accidentally repeated in this post.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the YAF at MSU that sponsored Nick Griffin was Young Americans for Freedom, not the group you talk about. Horowitz was right on that point. I do agree that two different YAF groups is confusing, but they are not related.

Anonymous said...

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