Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Texas Archbishop Opposes Clinton Speech

I'm not normally someone who defends Hillary Clinton (see my book on Barack Obama), but this story is something everyone, conservative and liberal, Democrat or Republican, should unite behind free expression. The archbishop of San Antonio, Jose Gomez, wrote to St. Mary’s University in San Antonio condemning its decision to let Hillary Clinton speak there tonight. Gomez argues that Hillary's support of abortion rights should lead her to be banned from speaking and declared: "I urge the faculty and the ministry staff at St. Mary's University to continue to carry out their responsibility to educate their students in their political duty in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church." The only "political duty" of the faculty and staff is the duty to permit freedom of thought; Gomez is opposed to this, and instead wants Catholic colleges to impose the Republican Party line on all faculty, staff, and even guest speakers. It's an appalling display of intolerance.

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Anonymous said...

St. Mary's is, one would presume, at least a nominally Catholic institution.

Is it really so out of line for a Bishop to object to a Hillary Clinton rally, as she clearly thinks abortion should be permitted?

Are rabbis obligated to keep silent if Brandeis invites a holocaust denier?

We are free to disagree with the Bishop on abortion, but one surely can't disagree with his freedom to object to Ms. Clinton.