Thursday, July 17, 2008

Criticizing Israel at North Carolina State

There's an excellent article from the North Carolina State University newspaper, the Technician, about the case of Terri Ginsberg, an adjunct professor who was frozen out of some activities she helped to run (such as a Middle East film series) and then not considered for an interview for a tenure-track position replacing her job. The key reason was her criticism of Israel.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to prove bias in any hiring decisions. But this case is part of a national pattern of critics of Israel facing retaliation for their views which I detail in my book, Patriotic Correctness.

The worst part of the case is the failure of North Carolina State to have procedures to address violations of academic freedom. Administrators refused to investigate the case, citing the technicality that because Ginsberg was an adjunct she didn't have a re-appointment that would qualify under the grievance procedures. North Carolina State, and all colleges, must have policies that allow all faculty to file grievances to deal with academic freedom concerns.

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