Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Wrong Kind of Catholic: A Liberal One

Inside Higher Ed reported on the dis-invitation of a feminist scholar to a chair at the University of San Diego under pressure from a conservative donor. This is yet another violation of academic freedom of liberals at a religious university, and part of the growing attack on academic freedom at Catholic institutions. The notion that a donor should have veto power over faculty appointments is absolutely unacceptable, and no self-respecting university can ever allow it. The University of San Diego administration owes its faculty, students, and the public a clear explanation of what happened, and why it is violating its own policies: “Academic freedom insures that the governance of a Catholic university remain autonomous so that the institution may flourish. USD’s Catholicity and its commitment to Catholic principles and values place no obligation on faculty, administration or staff with regard to their personal beliefs or religious practices, nor does it prevent statements of personal views that may differ from those held by the Catholic Church."

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