Friday, March 20, 2009

College of DuPage Policies Delayed and Enacted

I'm told that at last night's Board of Trustees meeting at the College of DuPage, 230 or so new policies were enacted without discussion, against the opposition of Trustee Kathy Wessel. 10 of the policies identified by the Illinois AAUP as problematic were tabled until the April meeting while the campus lawyer examines them (rumors are that the College has already spent $50,000 on legal expenses dealing with this unnecessary policy change). This is very troubling. The Illinois AAUP's letter wasn't meant to be a comprehensive evaluation of all possible problems with the College of DuPage policies. In fact, the letter noted the concern that with so many new policies, poorly written policies may slip by unnoticed. Nor is it likely that the Board will listen to reason next month, especially if their only concern with the policies is whether they are unconstitutional, as opposed to unwise.

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