Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conservative Stupidity While Googling

Sometimes you have to admire the idiocy of people who despise Barack Obama and universities so much that they imagine a vast conspiracy out there. Such is the case with Mal Kline of Accuracy in Academia who declared:

Google the phrase “college and university courses in community organizing” and you get 9,990,000 entries, at least as of today.

Candace de Russy of National Review's Phi Beta Cons blog proclaims:
Quite a few people on campuses seem to taking to heart President Obama's agenda, according to Mal Kline. To wit:
Google the phrase “college and university courses in community organizing” and you get 9,990,000 entries.

Here's a little lesson in technology for de Russy and Kline. When you Google "college and university courses in community organizing" without quotation marks you get 23 million results, including a handful of actual courses. Most of the 23 million responses include every reference to a college, a university, courses, community, or organizing anywhere on the internet.

If you actually Google “college and university courses in community organizing” utilizing quotation marks you get two responses. One is to Kline's statement, and the other is to de Russy's comment on it (there are also 30 duplicate references on Free Republic to their claims).

The most disappointing thing to me about this Google search is that there isn't a vast conspiracy out there in higher education to teach people the kind of skills that most Americans desired to have in a president. A New York Times article reports a growing interest in the subject among students. Although colleges routinely have entire majors devoted to vapid fields such as public relations that serve corporate America, you'll look in vain for any majors in community organizing. After all, there aren't a lot of wealthy community organizers out there to fund these programs.

That's what really needs to change. We need colleges to meet this demand for community organizing, and give it the serious academic attention it deserves.

When that happens, de Russy and Kline can cry out with pride that they discovered the problem before it ever existed.

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David Mazel said...

John, have you emailed Kline and de Russy about this? I notice they both still have this nonsense up on their blogs (though I couldn't get to Kline's post from the CRO site, only from yours).

George Peterson said...
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George Peterson said...

Well, not really. Try properly enclosing the phrase in quotes, and the number of entries you get is two. Not exactly a worldwide phenomenon - though college courses on "community organizing" don't sound like a bad thing to me. Why do you think that wouldn't be a good thing?

Anonymous said...

This is fun: I typed in; "Mal Kline likes gay sex" without the quotes and got 21,200 hits.

I tried; "Republicans love all types of porn" without the quotes and got 1,560,000 hits.

Anonymous said...


Republicans do love all types of porn. Up to an including vore.