Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Academic Freedom Events

1) Free Speech Forum, NEIU, Chicago, Thurs. April 16, 5-6pm, where I'll be speaking.
2) IL AAUP Annual Meeting featuring AAUP head Gary Rhoades, Sat. April 18, 1:30pm in downtown Chicago
3) Reworking the U conference, Minneapolis, April 24-26 (I'll be speaking on 4/24)

Here are the details:

Coalition United for Free Speech presents:
Free Speech Forum

Speakers Scheduled to Attend:
NEIU President, Dr. Sharon K. Hahs
NEIU Professor, Dr. Brett Stockdill
Air Force Veteran and student, Cassandra CantĂș
Founder of College Freedom blog John K. Wilson
More To Be Announced

Q&A immediately following

Thursday April 16th, 2009; 5pm - 6pm
Northeastern Illinois University Cafeteria - SU003
5500 N St. Louis Ave, Chicago IL

Illinois AAUP Annual Meeting
Saturday, April 18, 2009
Roosevelt University
Gage Building, 3rd Floor Commons Room, 18 S. Michigan Ave., downtown Chicago

Featured Speaker:
Gary Rhoades
General Secretary, AAUP

Followed by a panel discussion on transparency. Free and open to the public. The annual meeting concludes with the Illinois AAUP business meeting

Rethinking the U conference, University of Minnesota, April 24-26
free and open to all
I'll be speaking about "Academic Freedom and the Military on Campus" on April 24.


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Anonymous said...

The Great American school of freedom thought me how to live, not by enforcing me to shave my head, put a ring on my finger, a thread on my wrist, tattoos, cover my head or say “hal-le-lu-jah” but making me feel that it is time to say I love all people, some can take the heat and some can't!

My chain of tragedy started when my digestive doctor didn't find any Bug in my colon but he was able to find some piece of cookies and describe some clicking sound which is still make me feel that someone is spying on me. A warrant less wiretap was clicking on my telephone every 30 second even before I sign The Patriot Act. Unconstitutional Acts were authorizes in my constitutional State of Connecticut which contributed pain in my chain of tragedy. until this day some people change my writing , words and block my writing .

Freedom is when human brain does not suffer any unpleasant restrictions of liberty! (Ajmal Mehdi) Abu