Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turning Academia Into Wal-Mart

Naomi Schaefer Riley writes on Minding the Campus about the AAUP's evil belief that professors should be able to criticize administrators. Riley wonders, "Why don't managers at Wal-mart get the protections of academic freedom if they want to criticize their higher ups at that company?"

Here's the comment I made:

It's refreshing to find a conservative who openly declares that she is opposed to academic freedom and wants professors to be treated like employees at Wal-Mart. Refreshing, but extremely disturbing. Academia should be a place where people have "complete latitude to publicly criticize their bosses, no matter what the reason." I wonder what academic "bosses" Riley trusts to have the power to fire their critics, and whether Riley would applaud so heartily when conservatives are fired for challenging their academic bosses.

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