Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ridiculous Repression at Christian Colleges

As I noted in my book, Patriotic Correctness, the worst repression at American colleges is unquestionably found at Christian institutions. Anyone who doubts this fact need only look at Calvin College, which this week cancelled a planned concert by The New Pornographers solely because of the name of the band. The college explained in an official statement: "the irony of the band's name was impossible to explain to many." I'd be hard pressed to find any secular college in the country that has ever banned a band due to the inability to explain irony.

Calvin College in the recent past has censored its student newspaper, and it has a student code of conduct (pdf) that easily ranks as one of the worst in the country, disciplining students for any conduct on or off campus that "violates Biblical standards" or "adversely affects the Calvin College community."

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Athrunxala said...

This is why I go to a online Christian college. I don't have to deal with the issues that happen on a campus. I can do the work when I want and still have free time to catch concerts that are less likely to be canceled