Monday, February 28, 2011

Gay Instructor Fired

Chestnut Hill College, a Catholic institution in Philadelphia, has fired an instructor for being gay.

It's proof once again that the worst violations of academic freedom in America are aimed at leftists and members of minority groups hated by the right, such as gays and lesbians.

The law may certainly allow the bigots at this college to fire a professor for the crime of being gay. But that doesn't make it right. And everyone, Catholic or not, gay or not, should speak out against it.

As for the notion that a college isn't really Catholic unless it fires everyone who dissents from a single Catholic doctrine, I doubt that very many students or faculty would remain if that was the case. In reality, a truly Catholic college is willing to listen to people with different points of view, and those who demand the firing of all gay people are the ones violating the Catholic ethic and attacking academic freedom.

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