Thursday, May 19, 2011

Required Homophobia at Liberty University

Sarah Posner writes about an exam question at a law class at Liberty University dealing with a formerly lesbian mother who hides her child from a former partner despite a legal custody order:

the exam asked, “Lisa needs your counsel on how to think through her legal situation and how to respond as a Christian to this difficult problem. Relying only on what we have learned thus far in class, how would you counsel Lisa?”

Students who wrote that Miller should comply with court orders received bad grades while those who wrote she should engage in civil disobedience received an A, the three students said. “People were appalled,” said one of the students, adding, “especially as lawyers-to-be, who are trained and licensed to practice the law—to disobey that law, that seemed completely counterintuitive to all of us.”

Of course, law professors and law students should be free to argue for civil disobedience, although exactly what part of God's law demands illicitly hiding a child from her mother is mysterious to me. And professors deserve criticism for expressing those stupid ideas.

But what's most notable to me here is the lack of freedom of speech at Liberty University, where students are graded based on their personal view of lawbreaking rather than any intellectual understanding of the law. This is pure political correctness. And considering that Liberty University doesn't have academic freedom, it indicates that this embrace of breaking the law is the official stand of Liberty University, one that professors and students alike cannot disagree with. And that's just as upsetting as the repulsive homophobia displayed in this case.

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