Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Horowitz Tries to Get His Ads Banned

David Horowitz, who achieved notoriety (and even threatened lawsuits) by getting college newspapers to reject his reparations ad and crying censorship, is back with a new ad for the "Terrorism Awareness Project." The ad is here (astonishingly, they forgot to put their project's website on their ad). According to Horowitz's people, the ad has been rejected by student newspapers at:
* Georgia Institute of Technology
* Purdue University
* University of Pennsylvania
* University of Michigan
* University of California, Berkeley

I've never understood why college newspapers behave like corporate media and reject these ideological ads, since it only fuels Horowitz's publicity. Far better, I think, to take his money and run his ads and include articles and editorials in the same issue about what an idiot he is. See a profile on Horowitz or read his website,, to learn more about him.

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