Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Me vs. O'Reilly

UPDATE: Video of my appearance last night is here
I'm scheduled to appear tonight on the O'Reilly Factor (7pm central time) to discuss the case of a student in California who is suing his school to get a teacher fired for criticizing Christianity in class.


Anonymous said...

Good luck...hope you have your ducks in a row.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are being paid by federal tax money for a purpose and that purpose is to teach. Academic freedom is not teaching, it is a political outlet and should be stopped. If a teacher wants academic freedom, then find an audience that is not captive. To force someone to sit and listen to rant is a communistic society. Books are issued to provide an instructional guide and that guide is to be followed by those empowered to instruct. Any teacher that does not follow the instructional guide should be fired immediately without any recourse as a democratic society should do.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are using the term "academic freedom" in order to say and do want they want and not do what they are are supposed to...their jobs are to teach. Teachers have been getting away with too much these past 30yrs and it is time that they understand they too have to answer to someone. The government should not be in the business of education. Maybe one day our country will have the bright minds it used to have and lead in various subjects like we did decades ago.